How to Unlock iPhone 4 4.1 With Ease!

Are you thinking how you can possibly unlock iPhone 4 4.1? This article will show you how along with helpful reminders about making the most of your iPhone 4.  As new iPhone models were released, the Apple Company is also making it increasingly difficult to  unlock them. That’s why some unlocking solutions will require the iPhone  4 running iOS 4.1 to update its baseband. Pwnage tool is one of the things you may need.

Why Unlock?

The thought of unlocking iPhones may seem a far-fetched idea before because anyone will think it’s just for the technical-minded people. Nowadays, the unlocking can be done by almost anyone and it’s a lot easier than years ago. What’s more great is that  tools are downloadable and can be easily purchased online. After unlocking, the iPhone user will enjoy unlimited freedom in running various applications. The most important feature for unlocking is being able to use another network service provider aside from At&t  which are originally  found in the iPhone. There’s freedom when it comes to cost, preferences, and even availability and visibility of services in different areas.

Steps in Unlocking iPhone 4 4.1

Here is a sample guide to unlock iPhone 4 running iOS 4.1. Just take note that the iPhone has already been jailbroken and it was already updated without necessarily having the baseband update.

1.    Jailbreak your iPhone using the software solution. During the process, Cydia is installed  when running the solution.
2.    Run the Cydia application in the iPhone.
3.    Go  to the Edit button and tap on the screen  and  then proceed to the Add button.
4.    Tap on the Add Source button and enter this URL of the unlock solution.
5.    When it is done, go to Add source and tap  the button to return to Cydia.
6.    Click on ‘Done’ on the top right part of the screen.
7.    Choose the URL of the unlock tool on the list of sources.
8.    Install it by tapping the confirm button.
9.    Once it is done, restart your iPhone. Simply hold the ‘home’ and ‘power’ button  and turn it on while holding the ‘home’ button.
10.    You have successfully unlocked your iPhone 4 running iOS 4.1.

Now that you have a taken a glimpse on how this is done, perhaps you can try doing it on your own. Most unlock tools come up with simplified instructions and others have video tutorials in order to get the job done. Within minutes, you iPhone can be successfully unlocked. This particular guide is a good example. Even those who do not have background in technical iPhone stuff can still find these guides friendly and easy to understand.  Many unlocking tools site have 24/7 customer support system in case you run into trouble. This is to ensure that you get the best results out of unlocking your iPhone.


Most people have seen the need to unlock iPhone 4 4.1 because they want to choose their very own wireless service provider.  This is the reason why many have preferred to unlock it despite Apple’s warnings that it’s harmful. For this, a lot of iPhone fans and brainy have also come up with the best unlock solutions. The automatic iPhone unlocker is an example of hassle-free  unlocking process because  it is already programmed  to do the task. Like following the directions above, you have your unlocked iPhone within minutes.

Are you now interested to start unlocking your iPhone? Then, it’s time to try it on your own. After this, you will be amazed just how much you are missing in getting the most from iPhone 4.

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There’s definitely no reason to put off unlocking your iPhone because you don’t need to go to service centers in order to  have it done. Download the solution by following the guide. Visit: How To Unlock iPhone 4 4.1

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