How To Unlock iPhone 4 2.10.04 – Learn Everything You Need To Know

Do you want to know how to Unlock iPhone 4 2.10.04? Unlocking and jailbreaking are the popular activities that hooked every iPhone users nowadays.  In every type of iPhone generation, it has its own respective measures to unlock and jailbreak just to add up more unique settings and features into the device. However, there are also some highly technical software applications that can perform jailbreak and unlocking procedures on all iPhone devices starting from the first generation down to the latest which is the iPhone 4.
The more Apple Inc. updates their equipment, the more jailbreakers make some improvements and upgrades just like the unlock iPhone 4 2.10.04 for the current iPhone generations.  But in the contrary, before an individual can do some jailbreak, there are important things needed to know before making a successful unlock and jailbreak which is the baseband and firmware version.

To locate it in the iPhone, the following are the steps to point out the firmware and baseband input:

1.    To launch the settings on the springboard, simply press the screen of the iPhone unit.
2.    Once the screen is visible and settings icon is found press it to open the General option of the Settings Menu.
3.    When General Settings is entered, the About icon is seen just in the uppermost portion.
4.    In the About Menu, there is plenty of information found just like the carrier, capacity, and etc but specifically the firmware and baseband version.  Just scroll the screen up and down to fully see the data.

The Sure Way to Unlock iPhone 4 2.10.04

There are several software jailbreaks available and advertised in the net.  Each of them has its own capacities and extent of jailbreaking procedures.  Some of them cover only a few iPhone device and utilization of some apps but some has wide coverage yet demands a higher fee.  Thus, to find a jailbreak and unlock iPhone 4 2.10.04 software, the following step by step process will bring a user into unlimited benefits of a jailbreaked iPhone:

1.    Go over to the software website.
2.    Once you see the home page screen, look for the “Buy Now” button and click it.
3.    In an instant a password will be sent via e-mailed after purchasing.
4.    Open your email and copy the password for the site’s Members Area to entry.
5.    Return to the software jailbreak link and Open the How It Works icon found in the upper corner of the home page.
6.    When inside the How It Works Page, in the left side of the screen there’s a Members Area which you have to click.
7.    Inside the Members Area, the password is required which is where you will paste the e-mailed password.
8.    After the password submission, this is where jailbreaking starts. First, download the jailbreak tool installer that applies both to Mac and Windows Platform.
9.    Next, install the jailbreak software by running the jailbreak tool with an embedded Cydia installer.
10.    Once the tool started screening and match you iPhone firmware, click confirm.
11.    Connect then the device through its USB port to the net.
12.    Open iTunes and begin the normal restore by Alt clicking the Restore icon of iTunes and selecting the firmware previously saved on desktop.
13.    The whole iTunes process will then take for about 5 to 10 minutes.
14.    In the end, a jailbreak iPhone exposes Cydia aside from Apple App store and third party applications plus more apps and tweaks.

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