How To Unlock iphone 4 4.3.1 Safely

Do you want to know how to Unlock Iphone 4 4.3.1?  If you do, then please continue reading this article.  In here, I will try to provide you with some information as to why you should unlock your Iphone, as well as the best methods of doing it.  Read on – you just might be surprised.

Unlock Iphone 4 4.3.1 – The Benefits Of Unlocking Your Iphone

Unlocking your Iphone will have many benefits.  This is a fact which many know.

Having an unlocked Iphone will mean more freedom for you – primarily because it will take away the restrictions set by the original network provider that was bundled with your phone.

Aside from more freedom, unlocking your Iphone will also mean a higher market value for your device, as well as a wider range of services that you can maximize for your benefit.

Interested?  Here are some methods that you might find useful:

Unlock Iphone 4 4.3.1 Methods That You Can Use

Install Hardware Directly Into Your Iphone

1.    Find a computer chip that will serve as a jumper for your Iphone.  Do some research about the best choices for your Iphone and its current version.  More often than not, these chips can be found in online computer shops or your conventional computer outlets, costing from $100 to $200.  Buy the most efficient one that you can find.

2.    Carefully place the chip inside your Iphone while it is turned off.  Make sure to open your device using only the proper tools to avoid any damage.

3.    Place the SIM card of another network in the SIM holder of your Iphone.  Use one which did not originally come with your device.  This will be quite useful later on to check if the unlocking was properly made.

4.    Reboot your Iphone.  Turn your Iphone on so that your Iphone will detect the chip that you installed.

5.    Make calls using the new SIM.  If you can successfully connect to other phones, this means that the unlocking is successful.

Install Software Into Your Phone

1.    Connect to the Internet.  However, make sure that you do so only through a    WI-FI network and not through 3G.

2.    After successfully connecting to the Internet, open your Iphone Safari browser.

3.    Jailbreak your Iphone.  Jailbreaking is an indispensable step that must be taken first before any unlocking can take place.  However, before deciding to get a jailbreaking software, you must ensure that it will not conflict with your Iphone version.

4.    Turn 3G off.  You can do this by going to Settings>General>Network.  In there, you will see the 3G option.  Choose Off.

5.    If your Iphone is successfully jailbroken, find and install Cydia into your device.  After the program is installed, you will find it in the springboard of your Iphone.  Launch Cydia.

6.    After launching Cydia, go to Manage>Select Sources>Edit>Add.  This will require you to enter the URL of the unlocking program that you are planning to use.  Enter the address in the text field.  However, take note that your unlocking software must be compatible with your Iphone as well.

7.    Cydia will automatically download the unlocking program according to the URL that you entered.  Wait until the download finishes.  Install the program after.

8.    Reboot your Iphone to configure the new settings.

9.    Launch the unlocking software that you installed.  This will automatically unlock your Iphone.  Check if the unlocking was successfully made by inserting the SIM card of another network and see if you can make calls with it.

Unlock Iphone 4 4.3.1 – Why Using Computer Software Is Better

If you intend to unlock your Iphone using the most convenient and effective methods – then you will certainly want to use computer software to do this.  After all, this method does not need any special skills nor does it require a large amount of money to be effective.

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Indeed, with an excellent computer software, you do not need to avail of any other unlocking methods anymore.

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