Unlocking iPhone 4 Made Easy

Have you been thinking about using an Unlocking iPhone 4 utility? If so, chances are that you have probably heard about a way to access features that Apple has disabled on the iPhone.

These features are quite useful and it affects the programs that can play on your iPhone. This article will discuss some applications that are quite useful, but for some reason have been blocked from being used on the iPhone. This article will also share how you can enable this feature on your own.

A legal form of hacking

When you hear the term hacking, you think of someone that sneaks around and tries to break the locks on a computer system. Unlocking or jailbreaking is a way to access the features that Apple has locked by allowing the proper permissions to the iPhone. Once it has been enabled, you will be able to install any game or application on your phone. This process was actually legalized in 2010 in the US. Many parts of the world have also followed suit.

Software that was rejected by Apple

Apple and its products are great and have created a new standard for other companies to try and follow. Many have given up trying to compete with them, but instead have created their own applications to hopefully be sold on their online store. Unfortunately Apple has rejected some applications that seem to offer value without any valid reason. Below is a sampling of such software:

  • Backgrounder – Is a pretty neat program that will allow you to do several things at one time. This application will allow you to work with simultaneous applications at once. So, you can be listening to something and then send of some quick emails. This is a pretty useful program that just never made it on the online store.
  • Cycorder – This application will allow you to tap into that creative part of yourself by allowing you to create a video with your iPhone. By default this application is not enabled. When this feature is opened, it will allow you to not only save the video to file, but it will also allow you to shoot your own creations.

How to turn the powerful features on

There are two ways to unlock your iPhone. You can do it by simply downloading an application directly on the phone to allow it to do its thing. The only problem is that there is a chance that data will be lost. The process described below will not erase any of your data. You will need to have access to a PC and an iPhone.

1. Check the version of the firmware 3.0 on your phone.

2. Make sure you have the latest iTunes software installed on your PC.

3. Download the Unlock utility onto your computer. Make sure to put it in a folder that can easily be found.

4. Locate the application and unzip it.

5. You will need to execute the application. You will be prompted to select the version of firmware that is running on your iPhone.

6. Click Next to continue.

7. There are a series of steps that need to be followed.

8. If your phone isn’t already plugged into your computer, make sure to do so and then click Next.

9. Put the phone in DFU mode by: pressing and holding the power button for 2 seconds. In the next 10 seconds, continue to hold the power button and also press the home button. Release the home button and keep pressing the home button for another 30 seconds.

10. The jailbreak process will start by rebooting your computer. This is assuming everything was done right.

11. After getting the success message, restart the phone again.

12. You should now be able to install any application.

A Unique Unlocking iPhone 4 Tool That Does The Work For You

If you’re still having doubts about accessing these features, it could be that you might need a tool that will take care of the whole process for you. When you use this tool, you can simply let it run and you just need to provide minimum supervision.

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Just remember that you are not doing anything illegal. If you were this product would not be openly offered to the public. You will gain massive benefits when you turn on this feature. You just need to download the utility and to follow the instructions above.

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